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Pricing for Credit Packages and Individual Credit Lots

In order to create tax reports, users need credits. TraderFyles offers two ways to purchase credits.

Credit Lots — Individual lots of 100 credits that can be purchased within the app if you are subscribed to a paid tier.

Credit Packages — Discounted, yearly fee based subscription that automatically loads a set amount of credits into a users account at the purchase date and then once a year, on the renewal date, thereafter. These packages cost less that purchasing the same amount of credits using credit lots.

Credit Package tier pricing

Name # of Transactions Price
Free 25 $0
Essential 1,000 $89
Active 3,000 $279
Premium 10,000 $899

For credit packages over 10,000 credits per tax year, please contact us.

Limitations, Exceptions and Refunds

  • If you purchase a credit package and you try to run a report and you don't have enough credits, the app will tell you how many additional credits you need. At that point, you can either:
    • Purchase the additional credit lots needed to run the report, or
    • Purchase the next higher credit package tier. If you choose to purchase the next higher credit package tier, the difference paid between your current tier and the new tier will be charged to you IF you have NOT used any credits yet and the difference between your current credits and the next tier will be added to your credit balance immediately. If you have used credits and then upgrade to the next tier, you will be charged the full amount and the full amount of credits will be add to your credit balance.
      • Example 1: User A has NOT used any credits yet. User A purchases the Essential tier for $89 and recieves 1,000 credits. User A tries to upload their transaction history and the app tells them they have 2,800 transactions. So, User A needs 1,800 more credits. User A decides to upgrade to the Active tier. So, User A is charged ($279 - $89) = $190 and an additional 2,000 credits are added to their credit balance
      • Example 2: User B has used credits. User B purchases the Essential tier for $89 and receives 1,000 credits. User B runs a 1099-B Match tax report and uses 1,000 credits. User B then decides that they need to an independent capital gain calculation using Audit My Broker. User B uploads their transaction history and sees they have 1,200 transactions. User B decides to uprade to the Active tier. Since User B has used credits, $279 will be charged and the full 3,000 credits will be added to their balance.
  • Differences between used and unused credits will not be refunded. If you purchase too many credits, you can use them next year. Credits do not expire.

Should I subscribe to a credit package?

We recommend subscribing to a credit package because it costs less and allows users to use the full functionality and features of the app. Users have access to full functionality and features through credits lots. However, it would be more costly. So, we provide credit packages at a discount.

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