Using Trader Fyles CSV Importer

If your broker is not directly supported by Traderfyles, or you are having trouble importing your data, you may be able to use our generic import format. The data format looks like the following:

A few notes about this data format:

Date: required. The date MUST be in one of the following formats: mm/dd/yyyy

Time: highly recommended; if this column is omitted, first in first out will be used as the matching executions. 

Symbol: required. 

For options, the symbol should be in the following format AAPL 21 JAN 22 $175 CALL(Symbol, Day, Month, Year, Strike Price, Call/Put).  Its important that the options date is in this format otherwise the software will not read it.

For crypto use currency paid: for example DOGE-USD // BTC-USD // ETH-USDT as an 

Quantity: required.

Price: required.

Action: required: 

For long equities/crypto: use action Buy, Sell.  

For short equities/crypto use action Sold Short, Buy To Cover.  

For long options: use action Buy To Open and Sold To Close  

For Short Options: use action Sell To Open and Buy To Close

Commissions/Fees: optional.  Use this column if your price does not include commission



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