How To Export Trade History From Fidelity

Fidelity Import Instructions:

 Note: Fidelity trade history is available for the last 5 trading years.

1.    Log on to your Fidelity Investments account.

2.    Select your account and click Activity & Orders followed by History.

3.    Select a Time Period and click the Go button.

Note: Fidelity Investments limits each download to 90 days.

Five separate csv files (quarters 1-4 and quarter 1 of the following year) will need to be downloaded to account for the full 13 months of data required for non-MTM traders.

4.  Wait for the data to be displayed, then click the Download link to begin the csv file download.

5.  Click the Save button on the popup File Download dialog box.

6.  Note TraderFyles will only read one consolidated file.  So each quarters trade history data will need to be aggregated into one CSV file

7.   You are now ready to upload to TraderFyles

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